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Roller Coaster

Hi - I am new to the community. I have had a weight problem most of my life, mostly see saw dieting etc. I have been slim + and over weight, now I am pretty obese, weighing in at 260lbs.

I have been to gyms before, done the exercise videos, joined the diet clubs. My main problems are that I am an emotional eater, mostly choc/biscuits/cakes tho now I have a tendancy to overeat normal meals too. My comfort eating level has gone thru the roof as both my parents died unexpectedly earlier this year. Its my fathers death that has affected me the most as he was only 61 but also he was nearly 300lb in weight. He died of heart failure in his sleep.

Tomorrow I am joining a gym, but I am frightened that I will fail *again*. I am scared - I am 38 and I dont want to die young...

Anyone with any support and advice will be gratefully recieved :-)
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