trystesse (trystesse) wrote in gettingovercoe,

please keep the community going

hi - i'm not the moderator here or anything, but i'd like to say a few things about the community in general...I joined a while ago (under a diff name) and really tried to get the community going a bit as it wasn't well posted on. It didn't work and in the end my pep gave up and i slunk off. Well, I'm back again now and I see there are a few new, I just want to make a plea to everyone - please keep posting and post comments on other peoples' entries. Even if you're depressed and things aren't going well. Even if things are going really well! I dunno bout anyone else, but I need support and that's why i've come here!

So, anyway, I've been doing a self help plan for the past 6 months called "overcoming binge eating" by christopher fairburn. It is a very useful book for anyone suffering from binge eating. It comes in 2 parts - theory (very readable) and the plan itself. I have found it very useful.

I'm also trying to lose weight so am also restricting calorie intake (not too low tho) and trying to eat mostly only healthy foods. I am still treating myself on occasions tho as i dont think i'll keep away from bingeing otherwise.

Things are by no means well with me and eating, thus me being here...but life is better since i started this plan and i've lost some weight too.

Look forward to getting to know everyone better hopefully!
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