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ok, haven't done a progress update for a while. So, been doing fairly well apart from a few days of worrying bingeing and overeating. I had a lot of emotional shit going on, was doing a lot of work. Also have been adapting to more exercise. This has settled down now and am back to my regular eating patterns. I also had my weigh day today and I was at that point where i always seem to get stuck on the stone or one pound over which is really annoying. Well, today i tipped just under the stone mark so was well happy. I have 6lbs left to lose til i get to my STGW and that was supposed to be met by about feb/march, so i should pull it off. Then want to lose another 7lbs by summer. Then either stick at that weight or lose another 7lbs and probably work at staying around that weight and continuing to fight my tendency to overeat/binge when i have problems.

For exercise, i walk a fair amount everyday and i'm doing an exercise class on wednesdays to tone all my muscles and help my bad back and on friday a yoga and meditation class. Feel better doing these things. And I love the winter for walking - the cold makes me feel alive. Summer will be my real test - it's a hard time for me, but it should be better now I've lost weight. Finger's crossed.

It still amazes me that i can feel really hungry and crave certain foods even tho i know i can't possibly be hungry and then if i really work at not giving in to this, sometimes huge torrents of feelings pour out of me, and it's like - woh! that was trying to hide behind wanting a bar of chocolate? how did it ever hide there?? It's so huge! The worse thing is when it doesn't pour out and it's just a shitty feeling lingering dragging u down but it wont let itself be known further. Very frustrating having to feel that and not being able to give in to oblivion of whatever sort.

Hope everyone else is doing well.
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