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hey all

I had kind of a rough day. I felt entirely too bloated and huge all day, and it didn't help that I was stuck home alone with nothing to do (the WORST times for binging, too bad i'm home alone all the time. plus i'm home schooled). I had too much food to even remember... I HATE that. I didn't do TOO bad tonight, instead of having yucky fatty foods I had a veggie wrap, pickles, and a mini raisin bagel. Much better than what I've been eating.

I am also in a lot of anorexia nervosa communities, but lately i've found that I've moved on to over-eating as a way to relieve myself from emotional stress. It really sucks.


17 years old
110 lbs

I hope to make some new friends... most of my ana friends are no longer an inspiration to me, seeing as they dont eat and I do. I don't want to, but I do. And I need help.
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