magnolia blossoming (howtostopeating) wrote in gettingovercoe,
magnolia blossoming

Anti-binge strategies

This community has been so quiet lately. I thought it would be nice if people could post what strategies they have the most success with that help prevent or stop overeating/binges.

So I'll go first.

1. Avoid being home alone, bored. I tend to get bored & lonely easily. So I get out of the house, go for a walk or drive somewhere. Going for a walk or simply stepping outside and witnessing nature are usually enough to center me and relax any inner anxiety. Lately I've been exercising a lot during that period of time I'd normally comfort myself with food. Use your free time to pursue your hobbies and interests rather than sit & eat.

2. Fill up on very low- on no-calorie beverages, like water, diet soda, or Crystal Lite. I don't feel like eating then.

3. This one is pretty self-evident. Don't buy the foods that you tend to binge on. If you can't help being around those foods (at work or at home because of family), always have healthier, lower-calorie options available. Instead of having chocolate cake, you could make yourself some low-fat, sugar-free pudding. Granted, this won't keep you from eating. BUT you won't feel as stuffed (and as guilty). And you won't feel deprived since you haven't eliminated the taste/texture of what you love from your diet. That feeling of deprivation is often just what's needed to send one into a binge.

4. Make a habit of eating your food slowly and chewing it well. Savor it deeply. You'll enjoy it more and need less to feel satisfied.

5. Meditation, yoga, and other spiritual practices help ground you and help you to realize what you are apart from your body.

6. For me it's infinitely harder to stop bingeing than to prevent it. So my strategies focus on prevention.

Feel free to add ideas. I'll add more when I think of them.
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